About us

Through Art We Care operates as a generator: a system through which connections are forged, and joint actions towards more caring art and artful care are taken and reflected upon. It was founded by Julie Rodeyns and Wouter Bouchez, who act as its core members, but it involves many others. Initiatives usually arise from:

(1) A person or organisation approaching us with a clear need or desire to explore options of ‘artful care’ or ‘caring art’.

(2) An encounter that creates enthusiasm to embark on an adventure together.

(3) Shaping a joint collaboration and defining expectations, roles and responsibilities.

(4) If we take the lead: a pinch of magic match-making in order to get the right persons and partners on board in forming a temporary community of interest and action. 

Although we usually work on a project-by-project basis and therefore each time in different constellations and limited in time, we always consider sustainability. We deeply enjoy it when our input can contribute to new, lasting changes in partners’ operations or individuals’ practices, or resonate and feed new initiatives beyond a project’s scope or our immediate involvement.

Our team

Julie Rodeyns


Meet Dr. Julie Rodeyns, the founder and driving force behind Through Art We Care.  With over 20 years of experience as an art critic, curator/mediator, trainer, researcher and consultant, Julie has honed her expertise in socially engaged art, and, more specifically, art-care intersections, through years of dedicated work. Her critical mindset and commitment to thoroughness drive her to approach every project with rigour. Julie’s insatiable energy and enthousiasm, coupled with her strong work ethic, make her the perfect guide to lead individuals, groups, and transdisciplinary partners beyond their comfort zones and into a world of genuine curiosity towards art and each other. With Julie at the helm, there are no limits to the new ideas, approaches, and experiences that can grow and thrive. 

Wouter Bouchez


Wouter is a freelance curator/project- & production-manager who has worked on various projects and festivals across the world.  With ‘through art we care’ he was co-curator and project lead of the IN/FINITY project and curator/project lead of the ‘through art we care’-festival and exhibition.  He is also co-author of the ‘through art we care’ book and is currently preparing a new international art and wellness project.