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Through art we care

This book takes a closer look at the work of professional artists who engage in a dialogue with healthcare facilities. Despite their differing artistic backgrounds and trajectories, these artists share a common focus on ‘caring’ rather than ‘curing’.  The book emphasizes the importance of dialogue among all parties involved in art-health collaborations, in which each listens to the others’ stories, opinions and approaches. The various chapters in this book highlight different perspectives and represent an ongoing, open conversation among artists, medical staff, art curators/mediators and patients. 

Authors: Julie Rodeyns & Wouter Bouchez

Published: APE (Art Paper Editions) 2019

A window towards a different world

An in-depth ethnographic study on an interdisciplinary art program in a Belgian supportive and palliative day-care centre, and how it affected the end users, caregivers, and volunteers of the centre, as well as the artists involved.

Author: Julie Rodeyns

Published: Through Art We Care / Vrije Universiteit Brussel May 2022

Selected Press

We regularly contribute to the public debate to increase awareness and provide clarification on the latest developments in research and practice regarding the role of art in making our world a more caring place. You can find a selection of these contributions here.

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