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about us

Where art and care meet

Through Art We Care operates as a generator: a system through which collaboration and exchange with individuals and organisations from different domains are forged in order to foster artful care and caring art through joint action and reflection.


A collaborative and transdisciplinary laboratory

We inscribe ourselves as active agents in an amorphous, multifaceted network of actors from various domains who share our commitment to promoting ‘artful care’ and ‘caring art’. By doing so, we do our part to help build this network, advance its ethos and inspire others to join us in our purpose.


We reach out to professionals and environments that focus on care and caring practices, such as hospitals, care homes, social services, and NGOs.


Our main allies are contemporary artists with an orientation towards care, and art museums, institutions, and festivals.


We link to several research circles and domains, with which we actively engage.


Everyone can benefit from more thoughtful care in their lives. In promoting more caring art and artful care, we have you in the back of our minds!


Featured work

Our projects range from curated art projects over museum programs to conferences, research and publications.

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