The caring museum

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Consultancy, coaching and concept development.

2016-… (ongoing)

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium strive to make their galleries and collections accessible to all visitors, offering guided tours, creative courses, workshops, and themed activities designed for specific audiences. The goal is to provide a personalised and adapted museum experience to everyone, regardless of any limitations such as disabilities or language barriers. Through Art We Care has a long-standing collaboration with the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Our team regularly consults the museum’s educational team and assists them in developing new projects and initiatives. Together, we generate national and international awareness about the vital role museums can play in contributing to a warmer and more caring society by, among others, giving presentations, and co-organising talks and debates.

Some more inspiring projects

Scars of passage

An artistic workshop series looking into the scar tissue of the city of Brussels and its inhabitants