Gestures of artistic care

Public Health Palliative Care International, End-of-Life Care Research Group (Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University), Compassionate Bruges, Bruges Museums. 
Curating, facilitating and producing a cultural and artistic program for an international public healthcare conference.

The organizers of the Public Health Palliative Care International Conference 2022 sought to explore connections between art and science by inviting artists to participate in the conference.  We brought together an interdisciplinary group of artists, including Rasa Alksnyte, Anaïs Chabeur, Florin Flueras, Fiona Hallinan, oracle (Michel Yang, Caroline Daish & Justine Maxelon), Hoda Siahtiri, Luca Vanello and Lili Vanderstraeten, whom all have a sustained artistic practice that revolves around notions of care, compassion, connection, community, loss, and grief. Through artistic gestures, interventions, presentations, performances, and workshops, they engaged in a dialogue with each other, the conference and the audience. We also invited a local network of Bruges artists and creatives to create multi-media interventions for the ceremonial moments of the conference, such as the conference dinner and the opening and closing ceremony. Lastly, in partnership with the Bruges Museums and Compassionate Bruges, we developed a cultural evening program.

Some more inspiring projects

Scars of passage

An artistic workshop series looking into the scar tissue of the city of Brussels and its inhabitants