Scars of passage

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (rectorate), KAOS, Compassionate Communities Centre of Expertise & Innoviris. 

Project coordination, research coordination, curatorship, facilitation, visual identity, print & website design.

2021- 2022

Scars of Passage is a project that examines the scar tissue of Brussels and its inhabitants. This international city is often experienced as vibrant but transient; open enough to get lost, yet too closed to easily feel at home. In a series of open workshops led by artists Nicolas Galeazzi and Rares Craiut, we explored the dynamics of the city as a space of passage, and how to foster a sense of belonging and grounding in a place characterised by perpetual coming and going. Guided by the artists, we cooked and ate together, and through their artistic proposals, we discussed our experiences of Brussels as a(n) (un)hospitable place. By seeking out the hidden skin of the city, we explored how its transient nature affected us both mentally and physically. In conclusion, Nicolas offered an exercise in commoning that revealed the potential of the skin’s and scar’s vulnerability, making it visible and powerful.

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